On March 15th, 2024, Metabolic Maintenance will turn 40. With this big birthday approaching, we thought it high time we share a little about this 40-year journey with you, our loyal customer. Our longevity is, in part, thanks to your continued support and we are so grateful.

Below, you will learn about the events that sparked the dream of Metabolic Maintenance, a little about our evolution and growth as a company, the core values that will never change, and a few big changes that we are excited about. Thanks for reading!

Our Story 

In 1984, our founder, Ed Fitzjarrell, started producing and selling nutritional supplements known as Metabolic Maintenance Products. 

His passion for functional nutrition was sparked about 10 years earlier, however, after his mother was diagnosed with leukemia, Ed studied the clinical research on nutritional supplements and helped his mom transition into a healthier lifestyle and supplement regimen. Ed’s mom lived 38 years after her diagnosis and Ed discovered his calling: he set out on a path to deliver clean, high-quality supplements, and Metabolic Maintenance was born.

After a decade of growth, Ed moved Metabolic Maintenance to its current location; a small town called Sisters, in the High Cascades of Central Oregon. One building houses offices, production, storage, and shipping facilities, and employs around 50 people in the community and around the country.

We commonly boast about Metabolic Maintenance being family-owned and operated. While Ed is still quite involved in Metabolic Maintenance, his daughter, Kelly, now holds the role of President. Kelly molded her higher education (a Masters of Health Communications from Tufts University) on communicating the mental health benefits of methylfolate. She worked at Metabolic Maintenance for nearly a decade before officially taking on the responsibilities of President. 

What Sets Metabolic Maintenance Apart?

When your doctor recommends a supplement to you, we know you have lots of options from whom to buy it. Metabolic Maintenance has been producing high-quality, clean nutritional supplements for 40 years, and we stand by our products being the best value for your dollar. Here’s what you get from each of our products:

Expert Design

When we decide to offer a certain supplement, the first people involved are our in-house Research and Development Team. This group of nutrition experts includes Naturopathic Physicians. They decide on the proper dosing to deliver the greatest benefit, the most effective sources of each particular nutrient, and the most trusted producers of raw ingredient material. They formulate and re-formulate each supplement recipe until it meets the highest standards for purity, absorption, and dose efficiency.

The only contents inside our capsules are the active ingredients. This is why the quality of ingredients is so important to us. There are no preservatives, dyes, binders, fillers, or excipients of any kind. Just clean nutrition, pure and simple. 

Third-Party Testing

All raw ingredients arrive with a certificate of analysis showing they are what they claim to be. Regardless, once we have received a raw ingredient, we send it to a third-party testing facility with no involvement or stake in our formulation or sales. They confirm that our ingredients are pure, free of toxins or contaminants (heavy metals), and as potent as advertised.

Once our formulas have been processed and encapsulated, they will be sent to be tested again. And again, tests will identify any toxins or contaminants, and the potency of ingredients. This ensures that the products you receive as our customers are exactly what the label states. Pure and clean.

Integrity in Practices

All steps of our production process occur on location in our facilities. Our manufacturing practices are FDA cGMP compliant and maintained to the highest standards of production. Our facilities are maintained to maximize product integrity. 

Small batches of supplements are restocked approximately every 90 days to ensure freshness and maximum benefit. Because we do not add lubricants to our capsules, production is slow, careful, and meticulously supervised.

Our products will arrive at your home sealed in amber glass bottles. Glass contains no toxic compounds that can leach into your supplements. The effect of glass waste and recycling on the Earth is significantly less harmful. The amber color protects supplements from potential damage by UV light.

And, great news: We are in the process of changing our manufacturing practice to reduce our plastic use. You will notice even more efforts to reduce our impact on the environment over the next few months.


As of 2023, we are proudly NSF certified. The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is an independent, internationally recognized World Health Organization (WHO). NSF is composed of a dedicated standards team and a team of service professionals. These professionals in the rigorous testing, auditing, and certification of products and services from transportation to biotech. 

The NSF mark serves as an emblem of assurance, signifying to consumers, retailers, and regulatory bodies that NSF-certified products meet or exceed strict, requisite standards.

The NSF audit is a robust evaluation of a facility’s prerequisite programs, good manufacturing practices (GMPs), and quality management systems (QMS) based on the requirements of regulations and industry best practices. 


Metabolic Maintenance is also part of the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN). CRN is the leading trade association representing dietary supplement and functional food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers.

Member companies are expected to comply with all federal and state regulations governing dietary supplements in the areas of manufacturing, marketing, quality control, and safety. Member companies also agree to adhere to additional voluntary guidelines, above and beyond what the FDA indicates, as well as to CRN’s stringent Code of Ethics.

Membership in this organization represents more than our commitment to quality. As members, we are in constant communication with the council, staying abreast of the latest research and exercising our voice in the policies affecting the dietary supplement industry.

More Reasons to Love Metabolic Maintenance

As if the highest quality, purest products were not enough, we have other practices that might help you lean our way when choosing a supplement brand.

First, we make things easy. You can visit our website where we offer the best in valued pricing. However, our products are also available from approved online retailers like our Amazon partner, FortressBrand. And for our practitioners, we offer products on Fullscript & Emerson Ecologics, if that is where you prefer to do your shopping.

Second, things are about to get even easier! We are undergoing a complete transformation of our website to ensure a simpler, more intuitive shopping experience. Please look out for our new site in the coming months

As a part of this shift, we will soon be adding a subscribe and save option so your supplements arrive on a schedule of your choosing, automatically. No need to remember to reorder, because we can do it for you. You’ll never have to skip a day of your favorite supplements.

Third, we are here to help. We pride ourselves on our expertly educated Customer Service team. Customer Service is in constant contact with R&D and Naturopaths. They can answer anything from your most basic to most scientific questions about our nutritional supplements and are available by phone or email.

Last, if you are a health care practitioner, and would like to set up a professional account at Metabolic Maintenance, visit us on our site at https://www.metabolicmaintenance.com or contact our Customer Service Team at info@metabolicmaintenance.com for more information.

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